Why Take On-Line Dog Training Classes?

  • You get on-going access to video lessons so you can watch them as many times as you need to vs. hearing an instructor's explanation once in class while you are trying to control your dog.

  • You get access to high-quality instruction when none is available near where you live.

  • You can start your training at home where your dog is the most comfortable vs. introducing new skills in a busy class environment.

"Bringing Up Seven" Membership Program

Learn about what is included in my new-in-2023 membership program.

Follow me as I raise and train my new Flat-Coated Retriever puppy for competitions in obedience, rally, hunt tests and conformation, sharing our journey through pictures and videos.


We offer three different types of courses - Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, and the new 'Bringing Up Seven' Membership bundles. Some courses are a hybrid of on-line materials and an in-person class. Others are auditing, where you work on your own with the on-line materials at your own pace.