• Do you want to eventually compete in obedience, rally, conformation, or hunt tests with your new puppy but don’t know where to start?

  • Do you struggle with knowing in what order you should be introducing skills?

  • Do you learn from watching someone else training their puppy?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, then “Bringing up Seven with Adele Yunck” could be the perfect program for you. Adele is bringing home a new Flat-Coated Retriever puppy in July 2023 and wants to share how she will be raising and training her for competition obedience, rally, hunt tests and conformation. In addition to learning the skills required for the different sports they will eventually compete in, Adele’s dogs are first and foremost her family companions, so good house manners will be a very important part of the training.

Benefits of Joining the Bringing up Seven program

  • You will see author and long-time obedience instructor Adele Yunck applying her training techniques as the building blocks to the different sports she plans to compete in with her puppy.

  • You will get guidance about what to work on and when you should work on it. You

  • You will gain understanding of the ways in which skill sets overlap between sports.

  • You will see the ups and downs of living and working with a young puppy.

What Will the Membership Program Include?

Most weeks, Adele will share:

  • Plans

    What she plans to work on that week with her puppy, as well as what she actually worked on the previous week.

  • Zoom Training Sessions

    A Zoom call where she trains her puppy live during the call. This will be recorded and shared for watching later. These will be fairly short when the puppy is young.

  • Page References

    The pages in her book “Competition Obedience: A Balancing Act” that explain how she teaches a given skill.

  • Essays

    Essays about different aspects of training and competitions, and how the training for the different sports overlaps.

  • First Lessons

    Videos of her puppy’s first time learning a new skill as often as possible.

  • Husbandry Skills

    Husbandry skills such as grooming, bathing, toe nails, overall body handling.

  • Training Logs

    Training logs for you to use with your own puppy.

  • Resources

    Resources for the equipment she uses in training.

  • and more...

Pricing options for Bringing Up Seven - Bronze

With the Bronze level, you get weekly training plans, page references to Competition Obedience: A Balancing Act, access to Zoom training sessions, first lesson videos, and more.

Pricing options for Bringing Up Seven - Silver

With the Silver level, you gain access to lesson videos for the obedience skills Adele teaches in her other on-line courses.

Pricing option for Bringing Up Seven - Gold

I don't actually have a Gold level - yet!

I'm leaving my options open for adding on something more in the future beyond sharing video lessons, which is the difference between Bronze and Silver. If you have ideas for something more, please share them with me!


  • I don't have a computer. Can I do it on a phone or tablet?

    Yes, although a very small phone screen might be difficult to see small details on.

  • How much experience do I need to participate?

    Since I'm starting at the beginning with my puppy, you'll get to see all stages of training, so even if you are inexperienced, you should be able to follow along just fine. One of my super powers as an instructor is helping inexperienced trainers (and sometimes even experienced trainers) to see important details while teaching new skills. While every team learns a bit differently, I've been teaching these skills for a lot of years to a lot of trainers, and I'm confident that I can help you.

  • What if I'm training an older puppy or adult dog?

    While I'm starting the program with a puppy, there may be some gaps in what you've already started that I can help fill in for you. And it is never too late to start training!

  • What if I'm not training a retriever and/or I don't care about hunt tests?

    A lot of the skills I work on specifically for hunt test training - target work, recalls, retrieving, going to a platform, basic obedience - are all applicable to obedience, and many of them to rally. I did almost all of these types of drills with my Border Terrier when he was a puppy and he loved them.

  • What if I don't have time to train as much as you do?

    Everyone has different amounts of time to devote to training. It might be that you just pick 1-3 skills to work on in a given training session or even in a given week. That is one of the biggest benefits of doing on-line courses - you can go at your own pace. I *love* training puppies, so it tends to be easy for me to put in the time. Some dogs thrive on training every day, some are better if you train three times a week. Some do well with repeating something 20 times in a row, others twice and then move on. That is the interesting puzzle any time you start training a new puppy or dog: what makes this one tick?

  • How long will each lesson stay up? What if it is hard for me to stay on schedule?

    My plan is that all the videos, etc., will stay on Thinkific for years to come, essentially as forever as anything is these days. My hope is that I can continue to produce content well into Seven starting to compete - it will depend a lot on how popular the program is. If it proves to be popular and a lot of people sign up and stay signed up, that will keep my fire lit :-).

  • Is there a minimum number of months I have to sign up for?

    Not at this point. Once your 7 day free trial ends, your credit card will get charged once a month until either you decide to stop or I decide to stop (which I hope is several years in the future!).

  • Do I need to give my credit card information to try the free trial?

    Yes, because it will charge your card once a month once the free trial period is over.


Adele Yunck

Adele began teaching obedience for the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club in 1987 while still working as a Software Engineer. She left the world of computers to start Northfield Dog Training in 1990. She teaches group classes and private lessons at her training facility in Ann Arbor. Her main passion is teaching competition obedience classes. She also teaches popular obedience seminars for clubs around the US. She is NDT's head obedience instructor. She also teaches rally and occasionally, beginning field training for retrievers. To date, Adele has titled eleven dogs to the AKC UD title in obedience, with eight of those dogs earning the OTCH title. You can learn more about Adele's training methods from her books and videos. Judy Byron and she co-wrote a long-popular training manual, Competition Obedience: A Balancing Act (1998). Adele expanded on ideas in COABA and published The Art of Proofing: Preparing Your Dog For Obedience Trials (2008). She updated the the popular video Positively Fetching on retrieving and released it on DVD as Totally Fetching: Teaching and Proofing a Reliable Retrieve in early 2011.


Seminar Attendee

by Alita Bailey

Adele is a fabulous competition trainer with a wealth of knowledge. I attended an in-person clinic with her in June 2023 and can’t even quantify what all I’ve learned. She understands all breeds and all sizes and can trouble shoot pretty much every issue you could possibly have.

FCOOL 1-18

Cynthia Baatz

Frankie and I just finished the FCOOL 1-18 classes, and I can't say enough good things about them. The videos made training so clear, with a reference to look back on if needed. Our in-person class was a good way to hone up on our skills, technique from the videos. Adele, our instructor, is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain each step. I would recommend these classes to anyone who is interested in dog training.

Keen Observer

Ellen Schwartz

I have trained three dogs over the years with Adele and her staff. Adele is one of the best teachers I've had. She can break down any move into tiny component parts which allow one to learn and experience success to build upon. She is a keen observer, and creative problem-solver.

Pricing Option for Bringing Up Seven - Silver

With the Silver level, you gain access to lesson videos for the obedience skills Adele teaches in her other on-line courses.